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My Understanding of the (sect) gange - Boko Haram

My colleague was quick to correct me that Boko-Haram is an Islamic sect and not a gang that loathes western education. Well I personally thought these groups of people were not really what they claim to be, and this is confirmed by Islamic intellectuals’ comments on the actions so far claimed by the gang.

Boko Haram, which means ‘western education is sin’ in a local dialect, launched a short-lived uprising in parts of the north in 2OO9 in a failed attempt to establish an Islamic state but is now back from an emergence late last year to an issue of international recognition just a few days ago.

3 of their major operations excluding assassinations of government officials and their relatives will include:

  • Jailbreak – 173 members of the extremist group were held among 765 other inmates at the Bauchi prison which was broken into. Almost all 173 were freed and gave the prison hardly any reason to exist. (September 2010) more
  • Bombing Police HQ – Nigeria record in her history, the first suicide bombing. I was actually presenting at a town hall meeting on New Tools New Governance at the U.S. Consulate in Lagos, when this happened.  Eye Witness accounts states that the car bomb was driven into the building after the Inspector General Police got into the compound.  (June 2011) more
  • Bombing the UN House – Perhaps the biggest achievement by the gang. Another suicide-car-bomber (of the around 100 enlisted) brought the nation to her knees after driving into 2 gates and then the reception of the UN building. Perhaps taking the issue from national to international magnitude as it attracted comments from Obama, David Cameron, and Ban ki Moon. (August 2011) more

Enough of the history; what lies ahead in the future? The gang have professed that this is only a start and mean business. Another level of extreme was shown when the gang even killed a Muslim cleric who embraced nonviolence and spoke against the sectarian violence.

Having tried to understand “Boko-Haram” with a non-bias mind, it seem it contradicts her major believes or doctrines. The use of bombs, internet, new media, and other products from the west is a big foul if it were a game.  Ramadan Kareem – a time of peace and soberness as it’s intended to teach ‘patience’, ‘spirituality’, ‘humility’ and ‘submissiveness’ to God; but yet it looks a reverse.

Endangering lives and  destruction of property of the people including fellow Muslims is not logical;  going the extent of recruiting suicide bombers (including youths having their national service) and orchestrating the death of many including foreigners working for the betterment of ‘your’ people. #NoFurtherComment

Well, it is quite sad that this new national virus cannot be contained and attempts made have only increase the notorious nature of the sect gang, and now calls have been made for the resignation of the president, as he looks really confused. Who can blame him? He came into power to solve issues such as bad roads, electricity and unemployment; only to find terrorism on the top of the list.

What next? It is quite difficult suggesting some solutions as we as a country may not be up to par to dealing with terrorism at the same level as the West, but since the UN is now involved, perhaps some contribution from experienced nations to curb out this to-become thorn in our democracy.

Education is key in the long run as a large number of kingpins in the sect gang are illiterates who follow the book (Quaran) literarily and wage war on all opposing or not-supporting entities. Perhaps in the long run, we’d have a generation with good grasp of religion as part of our identity and culture and not an excuse of blow up ourselves as well as other people.

Nubi Kayode – Nigeria | t: @NubiKayode f: Nubi Kayode e:

A call for charitable redistribution (iHunger | uEat)

It sure’s not news that drought has been confirmed in 3 E.African countries - it’s all over the news and social networks. It’s on twitter. It’s on CNN. But then that’s neither going to restore the state of these famine stricken countries nor give food to the populace.

I come from a school of thought that strongly believes in Redistribution. I believe there is enough resource - water, air, clothes, power, food, etc. to go round, but it is not evenly distributed to meet the needs of people. Some get to have surplus and others less than adequate.

So. Yes! There’s now Drought in E.Africa,and famine is a consequence but a bunch of people somewhere - even in neighboring countries are in surplus and have to lend a helping hand to meet the needs of the less privileged.

Don’t waste what you got because it’s in surplus, but instead find ways to give it to those who really need it. The African Union, as well as other charity organizations - (not excluding individuals), must take it upon themselves that food, water and other resources are redistributed.

"Charity is not giving the dog a bone after eating all the meat, but sharing the bone with the dog while hungry"

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Enlightenment and Engagement - the way out of youth violence


"The idle mind is the devil’s workshop" - a common saying, which really hits the point home on how to best reduce involvement of youth in Armed violence. It may seem too simple, but engaging youth in productive ventures is the only way they would turn away from the path of violence.

The path of violence is a means by which they feel they can express themselves. Put the same people in front of a mic on a round table and they would tell the same thing. Let the youth know they are significant and not only the future of tomorrow but partners of today.

Involve ‘em in the ongoing policy making and decision making which affect the state affairs. Another thing is"enlightenment". There is need to really lighten up the minds of youth. This is not ” education ” per say as we know it within the classroom walls, but providing information that becomes knowledge and empowers the youth to become better citizens.

So in summary: Give the youth a listening ear. Engage them in nation building. Enlighten the minds of the youth. All of these would reduce involvement of youth in Armed Violence.

First Published in Voices of Youth: 

A Need to Redefine: CHANGE AGENT

I had the opportunity to visit Nigeria again after a few years of study in Turkey and was surprised to find the amount of youth who had the joined the wagon with the “Change-Agent” license plate.

So many youths now doing one thing or the other; from having NGOs and Initiatives to organizing seminars, conferences, and meetings to address some issues such as leadership, environment, social responsibility, and to top the list – entrepreneurship.

So what is wrong with that? Nothing! Until I had the chance to walk up to some youths and talk to them. The typical conversation goes thus:

Change Agent

Me: Hello

You: Hi

Me: What do you do?

You: I have an NGO/Initiative /Organization/Forum

Me: That’s good. What do you do?

You: I am into youth empowerment.

Me: Hmmm, What is your approach?

You: I teach them to become leaders

Me: How do you do that exactly?

You: I organize conferences and teach them.

Now, for me this is upsetting, as it seems the Change here is more of words and not actions. Of course there is a need to teach people about these things, but then Change Agent goes past that.

As my Cultural Anthropology teacher would say: “There is need for field-work!” We need to ACT-PLAN-CHECK-DO! You would need to ACT due to your reaction to things in your surroundings. Then PLAN on your approach – be specific in the problem you are addressing. Youth Empowerment is just too ambiguous to be what you are actually doing. Yes! You are empowering youth, but to what end? It could be youth empowerment so as to have a cleaner environment. So you should know: What are you going to do? What approach are you going to take? Why are you empowering ourselves? Why do you invent leaders?

There is also a need for evaluation. CHECK if what you doing falls in line with your goals. Use evaluation procedures and systems, advisers, to see if you are still on track and then DO all you can to really effect the change.

They say teach a man to fish, instead of giving him fish. This can be likened to the empowering one to be a change agent. However, if the man you teach to fish does not go out to the pool to catch the fish, and instead goes to teach another man to fish; causing a chain of trained fishermen who do not go to the waters to practice, you would still have yourself a hungry flock. In fact, the quality of the empowering (teachings) diminishes as it goes along, because of the lack of the impact phase – where the knowledge gained and skill acquired is put into use.

I salute all Change Agents out there, and do encourage you to continue with your motivation in doing what you want to do, but always come back to the drawing board; else more harm would be done than good.

I am Nubi Kayode, and I am a Nigerian; I am a Change Agent!


First published on AIESEC Nigeria, Blog -  , and CP-Africa -


Listen To Me | Make Me Strong

Perhaps the real problem is not Teen Suicide. Perhaps it’s just a problem of communication. I am talking. Are you listening? If you are listening,do you understand me? If you do, are you reacting accordingly? If you don’t, are you asking me questions?

A teenager would not just wake up one day and decide to commit suicide. It is often a progressive routine, which consist of numerous amount of rejectionmisunderstanding, andmisrepresentation. This happens when a teen sets out to find his/her identity - one’s place in society.

We call this Voices of Youth, but who is listening to us? The French Teen who set himself on fire and started the Tunisian (Arab) Revolution really stirred things up. It’s extreme, but the world listened. Let’s go back to the root. The problem doesn’t start from suicide. It’s starts with when the teen gets to know that he/she has no voice and cannot be heard - albeit family, friends (peers), teachers, government, and society at large.

Listen To Me | Make Me Strong #ScoreOrOffside

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It’s not about the money, money, money
We don’t need your money, money, money
We just wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag

One Young World Impacts - African Union Youth Division 

African Union Youth Division: continental youth programmes and events that involve crucial decision making processes, covering issues of youth capacity building and partnerships with other youth-based organisations.

As a researcher, activist and an emerging expert on various youth related issues, Lina Imran has a profound passion for, and commitment to, advocating for the respect, promotion, protection and fulfillment of the rights of young people to take informed decisions on personal and societal issues.


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Turn Off That Tap! #ScoreOrOffside



Hey Guys! It has sure been a while, but it’s good to be back to update this, especially since I’m kinda excited about this subject-topic. #ScoreOrOffside

The original idea kicked off with a group of young researchers who went to South Africa to take a look for themselves (in May 2011) South-Africa’s progress by the World Cup. Debates are taking place, conclusions are often already set. Of the investments for South-Africa’s World Cup is nothing left? Is this conclusion real? Well it sure seems it turned to be one of mixed results. (more on the findings coming soon)

Nonetheless, I decided to pick up the trail and continue the #ScoreOrOffside project but with a slightly different goal. It is now about measuring impact and getting to maximize the punch-effect of ideas, initiatives and projects by asking the sport metaphor question – #ScoreOrOffside?!

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